Here we will provide you information that is important for us and for you. Here we will discuss the moral purpose of Cyber Stangs and how we earn to provide you the best security threat preventions.


When it comes to trust then it is done both ways. As you are the reader of our website then it is our duty to inform you that how Cyber Stangs work and how we are different from others. We are not selling any product here so you might think how we afford our expenses. This is what we are going to talk about.

Cyber Stangs want to help you in all aspects of internet security. There are people who don’t have enough knowledge about technology and internet, that’s why our team helps you make your surfing and keep your computer secured with different productive solutions. our basic agenda is to provide you knowledge about malware, ransomware, viruses, VPN’s and much more. Our writers and team work together to provide you information that is in detail and is unbiased to make sure it is the best solution for you. 

Coming to how we earn and afford all the expenses. It is quite simple there are some products that you can buy directly from our articles through a link that is called affiliation, if you buy that particular product then we earn a small amount of commission on that product and that is how we earn.

You would think that because of Affiliate Partnership our opinion will be biased. No that is not the case as we provide you product affiliations that are top notch and approved from our team this maintains our quality and your security.


Now coming towards our Affiliate Partnerships. We have Affiliate partnerships with different companies who provide us links to their products and we mention it in our content. You should know how this partnership works, as they launch a new product or are providing service related to our niche and they give us links because we have you to read them. Those links are called Affiliate links and if you click on then through our articles then the company will provide us a small amount of commission to afford our expenses.

But as we said before that this won’t affect on your quality of content as every product is tested and then it is explained in an article which you read. So, if there is a product that is not that good rather than other products to secure your data then we would provide you our honest and biased opinion towards that product.